Futures down 1% or so again!

DJIA INDEX 8,407.00 -97.00 May re-test some lows…

It has rebounded a bit since. Seems like the sell-off in Asia has more to do with the way the US markets ended. In this case, Asia seems like it’s trailing.

PTrainer definitely has a bullish bias :slight_smile: I can’t stand people who are always either bearish, or always bullish, and never objective. This is no offense to you Trainer, just an opinion that means one shiny penny.

I am bullish when the market will go up… :slight_smile: Objective… I am… Do you really think the next year won’t be a bad recession? We haven’t addressed the fundamental problems. Recessions are good in that they force you to stop avoiding the issues.

I agree 100%. Be bullish when markets go up - be bearish when markets go down. It really is as simple as that. I am starting to see the huge distrust in Paulson and Bernanke. AND, I think their intentions are good. They are not bad people. They want the economy to be good. They want to stop job losses. BUT, they truly are trying to give the drug addict one more hit! Paulson on TV today keeps harping on how credit needs to get flowing down to consumers and businesses. And Yes, to an extent, we need credit. But that is what got us in this mess. In between the lines, he is saying “we want business to go back to how it was - overlevered”. Moreover, he said that they could not help Lehman out because they were not a “bank holding company” which is required per their law (pre-Tarp). WELL, now we know why Goldman and Morgan turned into banks overnight. The lack of transparency is very dishonest, and I can understand why the market are showing less confidence now than one month ago. Sorry for the rant… just starting to filter through the BS and see things how they are.

keep an eye on health care Thursday. long a basket as a way to play the race…