Futures trading is LIT

Bros, this futures stuff is the best kept secret I’ve ever stumbled into.

My firm said that because futures contracts are regulated by CFTC and not SEC that I don’t have to report them and get pre clearance to trade - major win in all honesty.

To recap:

Futures: in
Forex: out

Tax efficient and cheaper

bout 2,350.00

Do you actually trade futures? What do you trade? I’ve never traded futures or forex despite the leverage appeal. Seems like straight up gambling, which I’m all for in moderation.

Oh ya. I sold 9 micro’s on the S&P at 3040.

The first day where I was up over 2K was sweet too! Shoulda sold I guess because now I’m down almost 2K!

Nice (pre loss). So it’s just directional plays on the overall market? I can see using futures for hedging purposes, never really considered using them for speculation. I have too many questions to ask, I’ll just google it.

Pretty unusual for compliance to define what needs pre-trade clearance by the regulator. But, if it works for you, lucky you!

Bruh, are you turning into Nerdy!

have not touched any type of derivative since college! still waiting on this downturn to retouch previous april lows. before i consider buying any type of leverage on the long side. and i dont short :). but i am ready. refinance mortgage closing this week. i’ve decided to hold off on refinancing 401k loan. will do only when need if real estate collapse. too much cash anyways. i feel like cardi b.

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keep compoundin’