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Reading 14 page 525 Example 8 question 5 and page 570 question 3.

Hi Guys maybe someone can shed light on the below. In question 5 page 525 the reciprocal of current spot rate is taken, while, in question 3 page 570 the reciprocal of the future spot is taken. Maybe I missing some details - would appreciate if anyone knows how to reason this.

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Not sure if you’re observing the pattern correctly. Basically, the idea is to borrow in the lowest yielding currency and invest in the highest yielding currency. The general pattern is:

[(1 + interest rate of highest yielding currency) x (Future spot rate)] / (Current spot rate)

In example 8, there are only two currencies you have to worry about - JPY and AUD. Also, note that the question is asking for the return in JPY terms. So the math is straightforward (JPY has to be in the numerator):


Once you understand the above relationship, it’s simply a matter of plugging in the numbers in first formula.

In problem three, there are three currencies (imagine getting four currencies on the exam!) - USD, CAD, and EUR. USD is the lowest yielding (so you borrow this) while EUR is the highest yielding (so you invest in this). The question asks for the all-in return in USD terms. Means, our goal is to get to USD/EUR. There are multiple ways to solve this, and I think the way the solution presents the process is a bit confusing. Here is how I approached this:

  1. Start with the second row in the table: EUR/CAD. Reciprocate this value.

  2. Go to the first row in the table: CAD/USD. Reciprocate this value.

  3. This gives you: (CAD/EUR) x (USD/CAD) = USD/EUR.

  4. Plug in to our topmost formula to get the “gross” return: [(1 + interest rate of highest yielding currency) x (Future spot rate)] / (Current spot rate).

Overall, this is what you have for problem 3:

  1. 1 / 0.7218 = 1.3854; 1 / 0.7279 = 1.3738.

  2. 1 / 1.0055 = 0.9945; 1 / 1.0006 = 0.9994.

  3. Multiply the values to get the exchange rates in terms of USD/EUR. Spot rate today = 1.3854 x 0.9945 = 1.3778. Spot rate one year from now = 1.3738 * 0.9994 = 1.3730.

  4. Plug in to our first formula: (1.0220 x 1.3730) / 1.3778 = 1.0840. Remember that this is the “gross” return. You need to subtract the cost of the currency you borrowed in - in this case, the USD at 0.8%.

Not sure if this helps, but i have tried this process on a few other problems, and it has worked out well.

Great!! thank you Aether really helpful. I was missing the mechanincs of the formula.