FXE CurrencyShares Euro Trust ETF

What would happen to the structure of FXE if there was a partial/full disbandment of the Euro? Would it just trade in USD against a basket of European currencies? Is there any reason that the fund might be wound up altogether in such a situation?

I’m looking at the prospectus and under the termination area it doesn’t seem to mention that a breakup of the euro would result in a termination of the trust. However, if the euro is eliminated, then you couldn’t create new shares or calculate an NAV under the prospectus as written. If some country leaves the euro, but you still have something called the euro, then I think there shouldn’t be much an issue. Alternately, if the euro were devalued, then I’m not quite sure, but I think it would just move the trust in the same fashion. http://www.currencyshares.com/Content/pdf/FXE-Prosp.PDF