FYI: CFA iPhone app

Just thought that I would share something that I have been desperately looking for… a good iPhone app. I think they are giving it away for free to those who register, It seems a lot better than the other ones on the app store but is not out yet Has anyone else bought a good iphone app? I need one while I take the Caltrain out here for the level 1.

Nice find… Im interested to see how it turns out. I have had minimal success when trying out the other cfa apps. Ultimate cfa seems like they have everything in one app as opposed to all these other ones where you need to d/l 10 different apps. I wish it came out before the Dec. Exam … I need some serious help

Has anyone had any success studying with a cfa iPhone App thats out?

I really havent, which is why I am hoping that this will be helpful. I actually passed level 1 but I need some kind of quick resource while studying for level 2 and beyond. Quartic has an app, but im not that big of a fan. There are a couple random ones floating around I think. One is almost $30