GAAP vs. IFRS Differences

Curious if anyone has a table/summary of the differences between US GAAP and IFRS that they would be kind to share?

I did one for Level 1 but time has evaded me this time around.

You may find it at each of Big 4 portal and anywhere…just Google it.

Heres an example from PWC but it’s too deep and mostly out of CFA scope.

I can compile one in due course and put it up for further comments

Just download and highlight those within scope of CFAI curriculum. Once when you become an analyst, maybe you would need the rest.

I was hoping for something a little more condensed than 224 pages.

Yeah, its best to browse through the curriculum and tally the findings in a three column table

Someone should earn royalties for writing standards, and because there are several thousands pages of that mattery (USGAAP even more). 224 pages is just novella…

Schweser’s Secret Sauce has a nice summary of the differnces.

With the imminent convergence of US GAAP and IFRS, does that mean CFAI curriculum will shrink by, half?

Haha, if only! They will find ways to keep us all busy no doubt

I have a copy and don’t seem to see it. Can you point me to a page?

brk, sorry it seems i imagined a consoldiated table.

  • Investments table p. 49
  • Pensions table p. 55
  • nothing for fixed assets, but impairment diffs are on first paragraph of 57
  • Inventory valuaiton diffs first two paragraphs on 46

A nice consolidated table would be a good idea to include in next year’s version. If I create one myself (not sure if I will) I’d be glad to share.