Gallup Happiness Index (by State)

Look at Page 2. The North Central / North Western States are the happiest.

Hmm. Interestingly, California has 2 of the top 3 “large communities” and 6 of the top 10 Congressional Districts in this survey. Yet, the state as a whole is in the bottom half (number 28).

What I’m getting is that it’s good to live in California if you’re rich. Otherwise, it sucks. (?)

Also, worth mentioning that the results are based on surveyed responses. So, there is probably some reporting bias depending on geography. For instance, maybe NE people are just more pessimistic than NW people.

You can basically take the highest concentrations of Phish fans by state and that will give you the top quintile.

  1. Hawaii (surfers)

  2. Colorado (Phish)

  3. Minnesota ((Phish)

  4. Utah (Mormons)

  5. Vermont (Phish)

  6. Montana (Phish)

  7. Nebraska (go figure)

  8. New Hampshire (Phish)

  9. Iowa (go figure)

  10. Massachusetts (Phish)

WTH happened to Alaska and Delaware?

Did Alaskans finally realize that freezing your ass off for 12 months out of the year isn’t so fun after all?

What made Delaware so happy all of a sudden?

Next time I meet someone from WV or KY I am buying him/preferably her a beer/preferably cosmo

Go Big Red! I guess that ‘N’ does stand for knowledge.

This list is full of people high on something, and it ain’t career advancement or hack sawing off their johnsons to get into Harvard.

Why in the hell is Minnesota #3?!! The winters are ungodly cold, summers are muggy and hot, not to mention the overwhelming presence of the state bird (mosquitoes). And why the f%#@ do people think Midwesterners are friendly. I don’t understand the appeal.

However, there is an unusually high percentage of HCBs in Minneapolis compared to other major metropolitan areas I’ve been to. It must be the Scandinavian gene pool plus I think Target headquarters attracts a lot of young talent.