Game Day Strategy - Advice please

I realize this topic has been beaten to death in the past but I wanted to this again during exam week. Apart from ethics and FSA are there any other sections you absolutely need to pass? Also is the real exam organized into sections like the mock / sample exams or are the questions mixed up? Since the test is paper based I assume it is easy to go back and forth between sections. The reason I am asking is I am good in some areas (quant., corp finance, equities, AI) and do reasonably well in FSA (btw 70-80%) but I spend 2 minutes on each question and getting better in ethics (around 70%)… Somehow cannot get more than 60% on econ, derivatives, bonds… I want to come up with a game plan for the big day that will maximize my score by focusing on the important areas and my strengths… I plan to attempt the must pass sections (ethics, FSA, any others?) first, then my strengths (to boost my overall score) and then my weakness (econ, derivatives etc)… Is there a minimum score in other sections so I that I don’t blindly guess in the end? What do you all think of this approach? Any tips will definitely help. Thanks!!