Game plan for studying

So I have been reading comments about peope’s status on where they are at the moment with the topics. I wanted to know though something though. When you guys say you are done with this or that topic, does that mean you have been covering everything thoroughly? I mean, in such less time, it does seem pretty impressive. At the moment, I am just trying to make myself familiar with all topics and thus just been reading casually and trying to finish up the books as soon as I can and then start attacking it more seriously by doing Q&As. This was how I pretty much nailed Level 1. Casual reading at first and then really start getting into the topics. When I read comments on how people are done with this or that topics, it makes me feel like a lazy mofo… So yea…thats all. Was just curious.

I am not even close to being done with the topics I have listed. I need to review something at least twice (usually three times) before my slow mind starts to pick up on it.

mine are all thorough, ive done 9 readings

I have done all topics twice, plus multiple practice exams - but that was for June, 2007. Does that count?

There’s some decent articles on the Schweser website (blogs and articles actually) that talk about different peoples plan of attack and how they progressed etc. Might be worth a look if you want a boost. It gave me one. C.