Gameplan for the next 3 days?

im all over the place on this one it seems…

feel like there is so much material left to hit again. plan on practicing more IPS questions, answering EOCs for Ethics and trying to hit GIPS a little bit. On top of that ill try to review some of the topics that im confident are going to show up. Either way im stressed to the max and ready for this to be over…but i need all the remaining study time i can get! lol

Who else is a mess like me?

Going to finish my BB review tomorrow, have about 10 readings left to go. I’ve taken the AM’s back to 2008, so want to go through and review those another time as well. I’ll probably shut it down by Thursday afternoon, take the wife to a movie and maybe do another read of the Asset Manager Code of Conduct on Friday morning.

I’m really struggling derivatives that have to do with swaps and anything that has to do with LIBOR.

I spent most of today reviewing and doing practice questions but nothing seem to sink in.

Don’t know whether to continue or move along before I forget everything else…

this is my problem.

Derivatives and Currency… seems like i forget it 2 days after i thought i learned it…

Finally remember all the formulas I always forget, redo ips questions to make sure I know how to do that, do some Eoc in derivatives, taxes and behavioural

Did 2015 PM this morning (my last mock)

  • Rest of today : correct it, finish reviewing Asset Allocation and Options

  • Tomorrow : do 2012 AM for the second time, correct it, finish reviewing Performance and do GIPS + Asset Manager Code quickly

  • Friday : hop on the train to Frankfurt (where I am taking the exam) and review flash cards + formulas all day, I will not touch a pencil on friday.Just memorize.