Gaming the exam

So it’s about 12:30 at night and I’m still a bit wired from drinking coffee and studying ALL DAY, so I’ve come up with my guess of how the sessions weightings will shake out. I know there was another post going around on this, but I’m not so awake that I can find it.

So we were given min/max percentage weighting for each of the ten topics. I converted the min scores to points on a prorata basis, using a total score of 120. A 5% allocation weighting translates into 6 points, 1 vignette. If CFAI sticks with its max weightings, PM, Econ, Quant & Alternatives can only have 1 vignette (because their max scores are 10%.) Following this same logic, Ethics will have 2. Corp Finance and Derivatives will each have 1 or 2 vignettes, The remaining 8-10 vignettes will have to come from FRA, Equity & FI, assuming that CFAI does not cross poliinate vignettes.

We need 84 points to pass, assuming that we’re in w/ a 70%.

Good luck, everyone!

If the max scores are 10% surely that means there can be 0.1 x 120 = 12 questions = 2 vignettes

I’m most concerned with fixed income. New readings this year combined with they don’t have many practice assessments on them so you have less of an idea what you’re going to get for questions. FRA and equity we can all guess what will be on there pretty easily but fixed income I feel like there is so much they can ask. If you can manage 70%+ on equity, fixed income, FRA and ethics you are in great shape

Oh, right. Good thing I didn’t hold this “ace” in my hand. LOL