GARP Exam Violations

GARP has announced exam violations. I can understand the violations except following two. Appreciate very much for feedback from the candidates who sat the exam previously.

  1. Bringing in and using an eraser - In case want to change the answer ?

2.Bringing in a watch specially the apple watch - monitoring time ?

With regards to 1…the GARP scantron sheet doesn’t allow you to erase answers, it offers an additional column to “change” your answer. This means any single answer can only be changed once!!! Definitely something to be aware of.

  1. I took the November 2015 Part 1 exam and I’m pretty sure I took a watch in. There was no clock in the room and I was sat in London (I’m pretty sure we have the technology available in London to offer a simple time telling capability) so I was pretty surprised. Have they just changed this recently to no allow any watches at all? I can understand smart watches etc, but simple analogue watches too?

Thanks for the info…

.i passed FRM part 1 in Nov 2012 and will be appearing in part in coming november… in 2012 there was no rule of not carrying eraser. Even i was surprised by the content this violation e mail received yesterday…its also written that you will be provided pencils too…again a change…i remember 4 years ago i carried eraser, pencil as well as watch in the exam…lot of changes have happened since then i guess…this additional column to change your answer is pretty weird…never heard anything like this before in any exam…

They just changed it. I took Nov '14 and brought a watch. I also took May '16 and no watch was [permitted.

I think they just want to avoid all confusion of it being a smart watch or not that they say no watches at all.

Good luck - I think this is your last opportunity to sit for the exam without having to retake part I again.

You mean if you fail part 2, you will have to take part 1 again?

What makes you believe they will initiate this? Sounds unlikely to me!

@ S666, Thanks for your feedback. It’s very valuable to all exam takers. This is the first time that I heard of answer script of this nature.

@ CFAFRMMBA, According to GARP rules, any candidate has to complete level 2 within 4 years of passing the level 1.

So put your best shot this time. Wish you all the very best and good luck.

Violation 2 is ambiguous because it says “specially apple watch” They have put it in an uncertain way so exam centre supervisors will have to take that decision whether to allow or not any wristwatch. This is ridiculous.

@S666 GARP gives you four years to pass part 2 after passing part 1 otherwise if the 4 years lapse you have to rewrite part 1.

Gotcha! I wasn’t aware that they meant just the poster above, I thought they meant they thought GARP would soon initiate that rule for all…that if you failed part 2 you would have to resit part 1. That would be somewhat harsh! :wink:

No worries :wink:

It’s made pretty clear on the instructions and answer sheet so I wouldn’t worry about it too much, just be aware of it and try not to change your answer more than once!!!

They have added Cufflinks to the banned list in the latest email !!!

Yeah also no watches of any kind now…they better have a damn clock at the front this time!! So frustrating not being able to see how much time you have left. Pretty ridiculous…