So im just trying to get this straight: 1) I sign up for the exam (nov 09 or may 09) for $650 USD and it comes with no books or study material 2) I have to obtain the necessary study books (there are no official books like CFA??) The books I believe are: The FRM Handbook, 5th Edition ($122) 2009 FRM® Level I Core Readings Course Pack (for 225-300 approx) Is this everything required to pass the course? Looks like just shy of $1000 USD… It just doesnt seemed as structured as the CFA, the CFA you got your books/study guide and you know what you had to read and you read it. GARP seems a little all over the place… Anything im missing here?

Secondly, I was reading the FRM Handbook 4th edition, it doesn’t seem nearly as step by step as the CFA. You could write the CFA from any background and get a full understanding…I found the Handbook assumed you knew some basic stuff, is this a fair assesment??

vipon: Looks like you have opted for Level I exam. Believe there is a separate forum for that. This forum appears to be mostly for those taking “full FRM” exam in November '09 (last time it is offered). wrt the “full FRM” exam you can refer to the thread (in spite of its name) called “Current Issues of Risk Management” on this forum for discussion of books etc.