GARP membership auto renewal

I saw a message on my cellphone saying that I had made a payment of 195 USD towards GARP. On investigating further I found out that it was an auto renewal of GARP membership. Now I havent been using the registered email for around 6 months. Neither did I know that renewing the membership next year would cost me 195 USD and that to when it’s not necessary to write the exam (apparently it’s been hidden in one of their hand books). I’ve written to GARP to provide me with a refund the very day they auto renewed it. Would they be doing it?

yes, they refunded mine in 2014…say it was a error on your side…you would have ticked the auto renewal box while registering for exam the previous year.

did you get a refund?? mine also got deducted and i did not have an idea about that. Have sent them a mail of refund, Have already finished both the levels.

GARP will usually refund if you inform them immediately.