GARP SCR - don’t waste $800

Guys I paid for the SCR study materials and sat for the exam in Oct 2021 - I DO NOT recommend this cert.

  1. The materials are lengthy but the main issue resides in that the content is copy and pasted from several publicly available reports to create a ‘study’ book. It is not original content; and does not add insightful comments other than what is already publicly available. USD800 is a high price to pay for the quality.
  2. Upon receiving your exam results, GARP does not explain which qs you answered incorrectly. They provide a generic graph showcasing where you rank - quartile 1 to 4 - but does nothing to show what incorrect.
  3. The service team don’t respond to your concerns - I’ve sent several emails, all of which received an automated email response. It’s been a month and still no one has reverted.

I believe the SCR cert is a “cash grab” from a corporation that’s aware ESG/sustainability is trending and wants to capitalize on that. Pls do think twice before investing $800.

The preparatory material costs $250 (eBook) or $300 (physical book).

The exam fee itself varies from 525 up to 750, depending on whether you are already an FRM or not and whether you registered early or not. This doesn’t include shipping costs (where applicable) and taxes, so the actual costs is a little higher.

As for (1), that’s a fair point. If the preparatory material doesn’t provide value, it’s not worth buying.

As for (2), this is expected. You can’t really expect GARP, or any such professional organization, to hold your hands and tell you exactly which questions you got wrong. Sorry to be blunt, but this isn’t high school.