gartman letter

Anyone read the gartman letter? In general is it a quality publication that’s worth the money?

I’m not sure I’d call it quality but he has some interesting ideas and opinions on a lot of things and its also very timely. I’ve never paid for it but get it from other people.

My business partner gets it and I often read it. I like it and my partner says it’s pretty cheap for something that comes out every day. I don’t read it every day - but making sure I check in on it once per week or so helps. Although he doesn’t explicitly say it, it’s primarily a technical analysis approach. But he doesn’t ignore fundamentals, which I like.

bchadwick, are you a millionaire ?

Why is that relevant?

SuperiorReturn Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > bchadwick, are you a millionaire ? A million dollars isn’t cool, you know what’s cool? A billion dollars.

I read it! He is an old school trader, so keep that in perspective while you’re reading it. He does make it interesting though. And, as bchadwick said, he focuses more on technical stuff.

Every trade floor I ever worked on or know friends who worked on, read it. Commodities/Bond/Derivaitve guys mainly enjoy Gartman. For a daily read/update he is probably one of the most quality things you can get. Also his rules, are pasted on every trade floor out there as well.

We used to always get it. Can’t miss letter for the daily and technical traders.