Gave Notice, Taking the Leap

Well I finally pulled the trigger quitting my job. I have no firm source of income, just a handful of investment opportunities I’m chasing (with very little capital lined up to fund them). Someone once told me, if you find good deals the capital will be there when you need it. Hope so.

Anyone have any advice on raising private money? I have a few leads and am putting together my marketing flipbook. If anyone has been through this process I’d appreciate any advice on what to expect. Thx.

that is quite ballsy.

May the Force be with you.

Did they finally let you go for cussing at the boss? (jk)

Good luck man. I don’t know what you are trying to do, but there a lot of real estate focused online lenders now if you are looking for debt that may not be as hard to get as from a bank.

thanks y’all. rawraw - my mindfulness practice has begun to serve me very well as I held back everything that has been building for years, complete non-attachment. Delivering the news couldn’t have gone better and they actually offered to provide a platform for me to go out and raise money for the strategy (at very disadvantageous economics to me, but it was small vote of confidence in what I’m trying to accomplish).

Fortune favors the brave

I’m glad to hear it’s going well man. Have you changed anything or still doing yoga?

i do a lot of 1-2 breathing. supposed to stimulate the para-sympathetic nervous system, which helps me keep my cool in charged situations. i think it really helped me keep a cool, positive demeanor when i delivered the news. That helped me get to the best outcome - they offered their support and resources to help me get the ball rolling on my venture, which I’m sure will prove to be valuable.

dude rofl rofl.

make fun if you like, but that sh!t works really well.

Don’t have any tips but just wanted to wish you best of luck.


@OP - I just wanted to tell you both–good luck. We’re all counting on you.

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking.

Shanna, they bought their tickets, they knew what they were getting into. I say, let 'em crash.

Surely you can’t be serious.

Ahhh took a while but now I get it.

Does no one on here have experience money raising?

Assuming raising money for my Little League team doesn’t count, not me.

I think you sell cookies outside the school or something.