Gender Roles

It recently occurred to me that practically everybody in research is a dude and everyone in compliance is a duddette. This is true most places I’ve worked. What gives? Men are inherently more risk seeking and women inherently seek to mitigate risk?

Perhaps women just like to catch men doing things wrong.

My compliance people are dudes, except one woman. However, I think overall, men like money and being alpha. So, they like to do business and finance.

I don’t think women have a particular inclination to work in compliance. However, I think that women have less aversion to working in a support role like this. Many finance men turn up their nose to compliance, admin, or other secondary roles, because it is not alpha enough. So maybe it is just easier to get women to do this.

Also, it is possible that the compliance women are lawyers who dropped out of law firm jobs. Law firms take in an equal proportion of men and women. However, most partners are men. The women drop out and find corporate jobs.

Why do we say “gender” (a property of nouns in some languages) when we mean “sex”?

At my company compliance is half and half. They’re all ****s though…

Maybe his compliance department has a lot of biological males who act like women.

Truth! I lost a lot of money due to their strict rules.

WTF dey doin’ out of the kitchen? Why can’t we go back to the good ol’ days of Don Draper…

I can co-sign on this.

I find it interesting that so few females are in this profession. CPAs are now 50% women. Lawyers are approaching that number as are MDs. Yet the CFA exam is a sausage fest. Don’t get it.

I think women in general are risk averse and like to “follow the program”. They like to do things which have a fixed plan with predictable results. Women like law school because they are used to attending school and the exit options are very clear. The same can probably be said for medical school. Male dominated fields, like business or finance, are scary and unpredictable by comparison. Even in finance, women are supposedly less likely to take risks, and people always cite this in characterizing the performance of female money managers.

CPAs may be 50/50, but partners, CFOs, etc. are more like 80/20 men/women. The womens stay in the lower levels.

^I said something similar about a year ago and was called a sexist bigot.

^ Some people just can’t handle the truth.