Genderqueer, Bigender, and Gender Fluid

As of today, this is my gender on Facebook.

What’s yours?

To clarify - My wife didn’t know that Facebook had changed its gender options. Maybe some others on here were also unaware.

I wonder what they plan to do with this info… perhaps improve target marketing?

Facebook started advertising me sex therapists that are poly-friendly yesterday. I wonder what I said to make it swing that way…

I wa reading one of my favorite author’s sites (Larry Correia) and he was fisking a post by someone who was bemoaning the fact that “binar gender” was the default in Sci-Fi. My new favorite term - “Gender Cisnormative” or “Cisgender”. It refers to “individuals who have a match between the gender they were assigned at birth, their bodies, and their personal identity”.

What the ever-loving-humpety-hump have we come to? We now need a term for someone who’d born male and is o.k. with that (or female, and o.k. with that).

I’m an academic, and I occasionally run into some of the Gender Studies folks on my campus. So I thought I’d heard everything. But this just made me shake my head and want to start my drinking habit again.

Every once in a while, it is useful to use the word “cisgender” when talking about situations where “transgender” is a possibility. You might think “normal” is the opposite of “transgender,” and for a long time, this was the word that people used. But the gender studies people didn’t like the idea that “transgender” is “not normal” (i.e. “strange”), because from there it’s an easy jump to say “not natural” which sounds more like a scientific judgment than it really is.

I get where they are coming from - to be honest - transgender people are a bit strange to me. That doesn’t mean to me that they shouldn’t have rights respected, but it is still odd in my experience.

IMHO - Transgender is not normal. True, they deserve to have their rights respected, but they shouldn’t be surprised when people identify them as non-normal.

(Kinda like a white NBA player–not the norm, and they stand out like a sore thumb. Shouldn’t be surprised when people notice their skin color.)

The heteronormative social construct of “gender” is an instrument of oppression!

hah, I tend to think that if you are polyamourous and need a sex therapist, its likely your polyamourous status that is aggravating/causing whatever issues you have.

It’s like visting a Dr that specializes in treating depression for alcoholics, typically alcoholism is either the cause or a serious aggravation to the dysfunction in your life.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts.

Probably just based on the way you interact on FB. It’s no longer BGAYChad, but rather BPOLYChad.