General Advice

Hi guys,

I just started to prepare the exam 3 weeks ago so at the beginning I was a bit worried, however I have a solid financial background and now I do not think it will be impossible. During these 3 weeks I just read and summerized the 18 study sessions and I just finished a summary of everything. Using the self tests at the end of each section, I have an overall score of 55%.

Now that I have two months left what do you suggest to improve my score until 70-75%? I do not know if is better to review everything, to review just some topics or to start directly with mock exams??

Thanks for every advice you may have for my situation


I would suggest doing 2-3 topic tests of each topic and revising what you get wrong. Do the CFA EOC Q’s for areas you do not score over 70% on the topic tests. Don’t look at any notes while answering, circle questions that give you difficulty. You should be around 70% at that point overall and then do half mocks with revision on areas you get wrong (guessing is wrong too even if you’re right). Do 4-6 mocks. The goal is to get 170-180 questions right and is about accumulating points not understanding everything. You have tons of time, even if you do work FT. Don’t stress and keep your nose to the books. Also if the 55% on the EOC questions immediately after the reading? If so I would revise what you are getting wrong. This 55% will be inflated because the retention rate will be high. Topic tests from what I hear reflect the actual exam much closer and are even harder for some people. They will give you a good sense of where you stand. Don’t forget to focus on higher weighted areas first and work backwards towards the lower weighted topics. I made a spreadsheet to track my progress on EOC Q’s, topic tests and mock exams as well as take crucial notes on things that I have got wrong or formulas I don’t have memorized.

Let me guess: Sometimes you see an equation written on a blackboard, like half an equation… and you just figure it out. Also your best friend is Ben Affleck.