General question about the CFA tests and resume

I apologize if this question has been beaten to death, but I am signed up for the June 2017 level 1 test and I am unsure as to whether that is something I can add to my resume. Many postings that I have looked at have stated a preference for someone who is already a charter holder, or someone who is at least pursuing it. I want to stand out as much as possible, but is it disingenuous to say I am signed up for level 1? I feel as though it could go either way. On the one hand, it shows a vested interest in wanting to learn and that I’m serious about being in the industry, on the other hand, I haven’t done squat yet and simply signed up for a test I may not even pass.

I think it’s not even resume worthy unless you have passed something.

I would save it for after you passed. But mention it in the interview if they ask.

I don’t see the problem in putting that you are a CFA Level I Candidate in the 2017 Exam, better than someone who isn’t a CFA Level 1 Candidate and like you said, it shows your interest in finance and investments.

Pretty much this, shows your commitment and interest if anything.

Signing up shows you’re pursuing it, so whether you pass this time or not, at least you’ve started the process. Especially with more junior roles, we look at this as a positive as it shows you’re willing to put in the effort and have interest in the industry. As long as you keep it factual, and just list it as mfrasc noted above, I can’t see it hurting!

I would include it, can’t hurt.

No harm. I used to do this.

I think it’s fine if you include it for the same reasons others have mentioned.

Personally, I didn’t put CFA on my resume until after I passed level I and was a CFA level II candidate.

Also, places I have worked before where we looked at resumes in the hiring process my coworkers thought it was “douche” to put level I candidate on resume. Again, think its fine…shows interest and effort.

you can put level 1 candidate on your resume, but I immediately dismiss it when I see it because all it tells me is that you have the ability to fill out an online form and you have 700 dollars. nothing more.

Well it probably means a bit more than that. If one is willing to put $700 on the line and engage into the known grueling CFA journey, it at least tells me that the person is serious about growing his/her career and acquire some experience and knowledge. Is a demonstrated intent a positive feature? Yes. A deal breaker? Of course not. Just an optional box that gets checked.

I would totally put it in. It may also mean that this person has read some of the CFA material and has some more knowledge under their belt as well.