General Question

Just a general question for those who have taken the Exam once already or have knowledge of it. I am curious if the exam focuses more on problem solving or do they focus more on conceptual questions? It probably really doesn’t matter though. For instance on Sampling and Estimation am I going to get word problems on the exam or conceptual problems.

check the LOS’s.

GenY, the LOS specify what candidates are required to be able to accomplish in order to pass the exam, but do not necessarily indicate how material will be tested. jaw8y6, I don’t understand how you’re distinguishing “word problems” from “conceptual problems” but you’ll be performing far fewer calculations on the exam than one might expect. Most questions are conceptual but require an understanding of the underlying calculations in order to answer correctly. Common themes include subtle/vague details in describing ethics situations, providing more information than is necessary to answer a question, and providing multiple pieces of similar information. The prepared candidate will observe these details, disregard unnecessary information and select the correct metric to use in a calculation.