General Question

Hello, i wanted to know say for instance a person clears level II in June 2013 n registers for level III for 2014. Does it make any sense to start a masters in finance from a reputable university (UK or USA) after clearing level II? just wanted some thoughts regarding this. The way i see it masters will be relatively easy for someone who has cleared level II. Is there any point in doing it at all or its better just to save the money and concentrate on level III? any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

I personally wouldn’t bother. Just my opinion though.

Depends on where you want to work. If you want to work abroad, I believe passing all three levels or even getting a charter will be of little help compared to MS/MBA. But job environment is bad there as well, my friends who did MS from US/UK had to eventually return for employment and they got the same level jobs as any local graduate land! May be foreign degrees will help them down the lane and may be they’re getting better salaries but job titles and entry levels are the same for fresh graduates be it local or foreign! If you want to work here (in Pak), then I suggest get a job (if you don’t have one already) and make it your priority to get valuable experience rather than shooting for certificates/degrees! I have seen people going places with 3 years bachelor degrees just because of their solid work experience!

An MBA from a top tier school will probably pay more dividends than a CFA charter would. An MBA from LSU (Local State University) will probably pay less than the CFA charter. I wouldn’t do both–I would do one or the other. And I certainly wouldn’t try to do both simultaneously.

Yeah, I think a lot of charterholders do have an MBA or MS. I think it makes sense to have both, but I definitely wouldn’t do both at the same time.