1. Why is the CFA Level 1 December 2016 registration had not yet started?

  2. I am confused b/w CFA ebook & CFA physical book, so the question is that if i register for CFA level 1 will i have to pay $150 for ebook also are they not Free? And i know i have to pay $150 + Delivery charges if i order for physical books? Will it be $150 (ebook) + $150 (Physical book {if i want them} + Delivery charges. So, 150+150=$300 + delivery !! d***…

  3. Any good softwares for time management?

  1. I think Registration would start after June 2016 results are out.

  2. Ebooks are included in the registration fee

  3. I think u r asking for some kind of study planner…try searching this forum…maybe there r…or use good old excel

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