General Study Plan


I wanted to pick the brains of anyone willing to chime in on the *best* study plan for Lvl. II. The charterholders I know told me to follow this routine:

  • From now until December, casually (term used loosely) read the CFA lvl.II curriculum.
  • From December until June, get through Kaplan’s program twice.
  • Spend the last month on practice exams.

Anyone have any comments or input as to their personal success with lvl. II or things they have learnt from failing lvl. II?


Hope, casually does not mean reading and not taking notes and not solving problems. Go big or go home.

Different Strategies work for different people.

Start early, Have a written Schedule of study, follow it on a daily basis with action, track your progress on daily basis. Make your own notes which will help during revision. Writing will register the concepts in mind and helps to retain the concepts. Consistency is the key. Study every day, not only on weekends. Good Luck.

I advise spending Autumn - year end making notes, Jan - March doing EOC questions/blue boxes, April - exam date doing mocks (try do 10) and topic tests. I passed level II this year.

Get through the Kaplan program twice? Does that mean reading each textbook two times over, in addition to repeating the EOC questions? Seems like it’d make more sense to focus more on practice questions and going back to the areas where you’re weakest.

I’m the type of person that learns from repetition but even that seems like a bit much to me.

You can try what you wrote if that works for you. I would add to make sure to do all the end of chapter practice problems in the Kaplan material as well as the blue box material and at least the end of chapter multiple choice questions in the CFAI material. I would also advise going over the end of chapter written answer questions in the CFAI material, if only to more stuff to review and give you an idea how to approach questions. Lastly I found doing the CFAI online topic tests helpful as well. Good Luck!

What I did was read and take notes of the official material. I would go along and do this for say 2 SS and go back to the first and do the BB questions for those SS using my notes as a reference. Then continue along until all SS are read, have notes, and did the BB. While doing that I’d go back and review the BB to keep the topics fresh so that when I looked at the first SS come mock time it didn’t seem foreign. Everything stayed fresh with periodic review. Did a couple mocks to get an idea of my weak areas. Targeted those areas first with EOC questions and review before grinding through TT. I found TT to be the most useful study aid and think I passed because of those. Only did 3 full mocks and 75% of the TT but that’s because I found the TT to be more difficult and required me to have a better grasp of the material so I favoured those despite having a collection of mocks from all the way back in the early 2000s at my disposal.

having a study plan and sticking to it is very helpful as well as doing the TT even if they prove to be hard, they give an indiction of the weak areas

I passed the level II exam this past June. I would start your studies at the beginning of October. I read all the CFA curriculum books in order, except for Ethics which I saved for the end. After each reading, I completed all the CFA EOC. You will def. need to wrap up all the readings six weeks before the exam date. During this period, you will want to attempt 4-6 full length, timed mock exams and all the CFA topic tests provided on their website. In my opinion, I would avoid Kaplan Schweser at Level II.

Hah, I totally agree with you patrickchristie. I am also preparing Level II for June, 2018. I decide to carefully go through curriculum books before Mid April 2018. I will try kaplan notes if I got time. From Mid April to June I will just do mock exams and review. I do believe we should focus on curriculum books because they are Official.

If you are taking live class through schweser particularly in NYC, I cannot recommend Richie Owens enough.