General Thoughts?

Have been hitting the materially fairly hard recently…however, I am putting the books down and focusing solely on practice questions/items sets starting in March. You can get lost in the material for Level II that is clear!! - would be interested to see what others think of this approach…



Assuming you have read everything this makes sense. The more practice the better. If you haven’t gone through the curriculum at least once then I personally don’t see the point of setting a hard date to stop reading.

Equal distribution btwn the two

As studyguy18 says, if you haven’t read the whole curriculum (or Schweser at least) once, you may be deviating from a safe path.

Level 1 was like muscle memory, do it enough and you’ll pass. Level 2 you really have to understand the fundamentals of every topic. The book might teach you one way, but the exams might test it in reverse throwing in different variables. Don’t get caught up in the specifics, but understand why you are doing things.

If you insist on buildings muscle memory, well make sure you have like 10 mock exams to work through to get as many variations as possible.

Hi, Practice is the only way out from not getting lost. You have to practice daily online or offline so that you 'll have the better understanding of questions wherein that will be helpful during the exams.