Geo mean

anyway to do this on a calculator faster than doing the equation?

Don’t think the calculator does it. Equation is easy once you do it a few times. Just add 1 to each return and multiply, then raise to the power of 1/n. I have done it enough times that I don’t even think of it anymore. Just “plug and play”…

Also remember that the geometric mean has a downward bais vs the arithmitic mean. If you know the arithmitic mean, make sure that your calculation for the geometic mean is lower. If not, you calculated it wrong.

Arith>Geo>Harmonic Mean

Thanks, I have hated this equation for years, it is so time consuming.

Do about 5 questions that use the geometric mean in a row and practice just typing it into your calculator. Just think of it as compounding the returns. It will become second nature after a while. I was the same way not too long ago.

it is tedious to write down and punch in the calculator. but after doing several of these, it’s not too bad.