George Washington university

How is this school compared in the job market ? i am sorry for posting too much

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Guys i would appreciate any thoughts here,

Try US News and World Reports or something.

It’s undergrad. Make sure the program is accredited and then kick ass. Go where your quality of life will be best.

do your own homework, but hacksaw. as a general rule.

Hey Gabe,

I’m actually at GW now, doing a second Masters there (my company is paying for it). First hand, I can tell you that GW definitely has connections throughout DC. If you’re looking for DC a job then GW is a good choice; it’s not a good choice if you’re looking for a job in another city.

If you’re doing an MBA then Georgetown is a better choice; if you are doing an MSF then GWU is a better choice.

^Hey Zesty

I am looking to do a second undergrad degree since my first one is in sports science.I have GWU at my mind,however I am looking to a undergrad in accounting with a quant minor.Since getting a finance job is a little harder with a not top 5 degree,I am looking to start with a cpa.any comments ?

then after 3 years down the road I am thinking of doing level 2 CFA and then get a valuation job or something simillar.

Well, GW is not an elite school by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s not chopped liver, either. Both Georgetown and Johns Hopkins are generally more brand name, and American University is probably better known than GW.

There are literally thousands of undergraduate universities in the US. Please don’t start a thread for each one. Even if you just do the ones in DC metro region, that’s likely going to include things like Howard University, Catholic University, George Mason Universtiy, American University, University of Virginia, Universitiy of Maryland-College Park, and probably a few some others I can’t remember.

In Queens, they have the University of the United States. One of its alumni includes the Prince of Zamunda.

Unless you’re a college basketball fan.

That’s the same game as “hoops”, right?

For the record, I had never heard of “American University” until this thread. But then again, my experience with universities is limited to local ones, those with a big college football presence, and Duke.

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John Hopkins has a good name because of the medical school. Unless you’re doing SAIS program or Medical School; Georgetown, GW and AU are better for job placement. Hopkins has a satellite DC campus but is not DC based like the others.

I think AU and GW are close but I think GW edges out because it has a better brand in the area.


I went to GW for undergrad. It’s a top school for international affairs - pretty much what it’s known for. But, that image transfers over to the other programs as well. I thought the finance program was good and it definitely has a sound reputation in the area. On campus recruiting was decent and a lot of local finance firms recruit there.