Georgia State

I was wondering if any of you had thoughts about the reputation for MBAs out of Georgia State University? It’s consitently ranked as a top 10 part-time MBA program by US News and top 20 by most other publications but from some of you out there (any maybe outside the SE) seen anything or have any feelings about this b-school? I have an MBA from GSU and was thinking about the CFA designation as well in attempt to get into I-Banking at some point. I work in a strategic finance group in a mid-cap credit card company in Atlanta working on M&A and other projects and wanted to know if I had a chance to break-in. Thanks.

I really have no clue on the overall rep on the street. However, I would certainly look at BofA. If you were ever pressed on the credibility of the school, you could always pull the Ken Lewis card.

Thanks. There are actually quite a lot of executive leaders from GSU and in Atlanta, GSU has more executives than any other school in the country; I believe that Harvard and Emory are #2 and #3 respectively. Anyway, I would appreciate any other feedback, there appears to be some people with excellent pedigree on the board.

hey, if you do some research you will probably find the CFA program will not be much of a help to get you into IBD. many people say it can’t hurt to have it, but the risk/reward of CFA to IBD isn’t very good

No offense, but are you sure you want to make the jump to IB? It’s not always as sexy as it sounds…

Both of my bosses are ex-bankers and they are in officer roles at this point. I think that you learn more by putting in hours at an IBank than any other role I can think of.