Georgian Food

I was in NYC this past weekend and I went to Old Tbilisi Garden (recommend it) and I love the food and fortunately so does my gf. I was looking to buy equipment for her to make it but I’m having problems identifying what I need. Any of you have experience?


Added to my try list…

LOL! …“merry christmas, sweetie! go make me some dinner”. are you for real?

Hahaha KMD with the kill shot. It does seem like an open invitation to get slapped by his gf. There was a Georgian restaurant by my old apt in Rego Park that looked really good, but I never got around to going. I did eat at an Afghan restaurant in Hells Kitchen a few weeks ago that was fantastic. Sadly tonight I ate Domino’s, but that 50% deal was too appealing to pass up.

^ to be fair, his gf might be italian and that would be akin to a marriage proposal.

for real homie. I’ll give her a slap on the ass for encouragement and grab that plow igor was talking about and get a workout in before dinner.

It has more to do with certain type of spices (look in Russian food stores) rather than equipment.

I think Igor meant plov not plow…

Just checking, but you mean Georgia the country, not the state right? If it’s the state, I think you just need a lot of cooking oil and batter dunk everything.

I love Georgian food. Khachapuri and Kharcho and Tkemali all the way, dude!!! And the wine!

Then women and singing and dancing!

My ex- Georgian father-in-law and I got along famously. When I split with his daughter, we were both sad about not being able to hang out as much anymore. We still get together around his birthday most years, though I generally have to do it without telling my current GF.

Cooking oil? Bless your heart.

Lard. It’s lard.

Real lard too, not that Crisco crap.

Georgian wine is fantastic. Check out Oda in Alphabet City.

Don’t forget the half hour toasts

ajapsandali and satsivi were my favorites. I was a little disappointed bc i didnt get to see the dancing. That sucks about your FIL but I hope you get to see him more often.

KR - you’re right and we stopped at a russian store in on the way back to get some of the spices but from what i have been reading you need a wood oven, no?

All you need is the book called

“The Georgian Feast: The Vibrant Culture and Savory Food of the Republic of Georgia”

The book is written for Americans so it gives detailed instructions on how to find geo spices in the U.S. (under different names) and what to substitute for what when you can’t find some of the Georgian ingredients (or where to find them). More importantly the book also offeres a great cultural background of Georgia and puts food in the cultural context. In NYC, for Georgian food, I’d also recommend checking out “oda house” and “tone cafe”.