get 50% right on book6

I’ve been preparing for L1 for 3 months,putting in about 150 hrs so far. I just did exams 1 and 2 on book 6 and got only half right. I really don’t know if I should still go to Dec 1st exam with this bad grade. What can i do in the last 9 days? Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanks!

Book 6 exams aren’t the definitive source for predicting exam performance. If you have signed up and paid what is there to lose? You can at least get an idea of what to expect for June. Quoting a previous post “it is a really expensive practice exam.” I say give it a shot, with some intense review you might have a chance at passing.

8 Days is a lot of time… Cant quit now…!

mirage, i did my first practice exam with about the same time left to the exam as you. i wrote it last year. i think i scored around 55% or 60% and used extra time. you’d be surprised how little you can actually recall when taking your first practice test. you’ll also be surprised to see how much you WILL improve. i ended up scoring over 70% in all but 2 topics. just kick it into overdrive. go all out and have no regrets… it’s almost over

i agree… if you’ve already put in three months worth of work, just step up a gear and in the worst case situation you know what to expect for june. good luck!

Search for ‘bleron’ on this forum :wink:

concentrate on the biggest topic areas to improve your chances…