Get it calculated do the math! Ric Flair Claimed to have slept with 10,000 women! Is it possible?! is it probable?

The greatest of all men? Really nerdy…

Lol, you need to work on your bedroom talk. “Honey, I would like to interact with you in a more than superficial way.”

Ha totally agree. Also can’t know how Ric or Wilt Chamberlain avoid double-counting.

The actual key to the genetic impact of the Genghis Khan is that fact that is sons had tons of children as well. For example, one of his grandson’s reportedly added 30 women to his harem per year. That was one grandson, and one of Genghis Khan’s sons had 40 sons of his own…so, yeah. Compounding is a hell of a thing.

yea adam the stud muffin. is at the top of everything, and he only had eve.