Get it calculated do the math! Ric Flair Claimed to have slept with 10,000 women! Is it possible?! is it probable?

Age: 68. let assume he fucks when he was 12. so 56 years of solid penetration.

so these are his numbers:

178 partners per year

14 partners per month

3.4 partners per week.

0.5 partners per day.

do you believe him? lets discuss!

If you have an orgy with say, 5 other people, but only interact with some participants in a superficial manner, can you still claim full credit for 5 partners, just like investment banking divisions claim full size of their deals for the league tables even when they are just satellite dealmakers? Please discuss, tanks.

Doesn’t Wilt Chamberlain still hold the record?

Ric was married to four women from 1971 to 2014. As in, he didn’t stay single at all between marriages. And he just got married again to a fifth wife. Amazingly Celebrity Net Worth (which is borderline useless) has him worth only $3mm. That seems low but I guess four divorces will do that to you.

Anyway, I find the 10,000 partner claim to be very difficult to accomplish. Even if his past wives were cool with him sleeping with groupies while on the road (and maybe at home too, who knows?), just the fact he was married for so long puts a damper on his ability to sleep with different women every night.

Until Snopes can verify it, I say this claim is FALSE.

To keep at that for 50+ years I call bullshit.

If all that is true, I pity him. After you turn 45yrs, pounding vag like there’s no tomorrow becomes sad instead of cool. IMO.

is Dan bilzerian cool? My bitcoin buddy once bragged that he fucked twice a day. Thing is he only lasts 5 min.

I say it’s B.S . My number is definitely below 50 but sometimes I even have to traverse my life a few times to make sure I don’t miss someone. Unless he kept a record it’s highly unlikely that he can recall, abd I don’t think this is something you’d bother to keep a record of.

Maybe I’m not a normal guy, but the quantity seems to have diminishing marginal returns to me. So the difference between 1k and 10k seems trivial. I just interpret statements like his as it was a lot of women.

Nerdy, when you get into your forties, and you’ve been with the same woman for fifteen years, five minutes is an eternity.

yea its cray to me. i actually have delayed ejaculation, essentially i typically bang for over an hr.

This pretty much sums it up. People say big numbers and they lose impact. Unless he’s really into group fun there’s no way he could get to that number.

How many women can you meet in your life anyway? Of that number, how many are attractive? What I’m saying is that if you’re digging deep in the pool to achieve a number like 10k, you can’t be very discriminative about quality, probably to the extent that you’re “boldly going” where other men would not.

The number of women you and I meet is vastly fewer than Ric Flair. Think about a rock star on tour playing sold out arenas. In the first few rows alone you have dozens of women that meet the criteria to be asked back stage. Now, think of wrestling where they play the same venues but travel non-stop and Ric Flair was in his prime in the 70’s and 80’s. That’s a lot of casual sex. Even in the '90’s and beyond, I doubt it slowed down for him.

I think he certainly had the opportunity, but I still feel his wives would have slowed him down too much to make it to 10k.

lets say. a person lives in the most populated city in the us: new york, is willing to bang locals within 20 miles from his home. supposedly there is 27k people per sq mile. so you have 540k of potential targets. if you are straight, you only have 270k. if you are targetting people in the 20 to 35 range, thats about 25% or 67.5k. if you only bang 8 or higher that’s roughly 8%. or 5.4k potential targets! i agree with stl. when you are say dan bilzerian. the women that meet that criteria flock to you from all over the world, the issue though is that they will be the same thots over and over. if you travel, you increase your access to many more different women, so you have to be a jet setter! not to mention you have to be capable to have sex every 2 days.

Sure, he meets more people than the average person. But we’re thinking about 10k numbers here - of women who were willing to bang him. How many women do most rock stars sleep with? Here’s a guy who went beyond even the highest expectation of his genre.

^I think there are two main things to consider. He was in a different city about 180 nights of the year for at least 30 years and then he slowed down a bit but still hit the road hard for another 10. Let’s say he’s a complete sex-crazed nympho and plows two women at each stop. That’s 10,800 women in just his first 30 years of his career. So, yeah, it’s completely possible.

I don’t think it’s impossible or even very hard for someone in his circumstances, I however find it hard to believe that he kept count or has any ability to recall that number.

He just doesn’t strike me as a guy who kept a journal of his life during all those years.

^True. He’s definitely no Brett Kavanaughty.

I think the issue hinges on how many trips he made to Hedonism II

meet the biggest bsd of all time. the greatest of all men that ever lived, who sired hundreds if not thousands of children! this dude definitely banged over 10k. other dudes didnt want to touch any women he desired. peopled offered him the hottest chicks just so he wouldnt kill everyone else. and he definitely killed a lot of people so its only right that he repopulate it!

“The greatest happiness is to vanquish your enemies, to chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth, to see those dear to them bathed in tears, to clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters.” ― Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan’s sex life was as extensive as his Mongolian empire. The Mongol leader took full advantage of his position and left a vast genetic legacy. Sex for Genghis Khan was as much a tool of power as a right of conquest and he used it well during the thirteenth century. Genghis Khan’s children, grandchildren, and beyond not only carried on Mongol traditions but the great conqueror’s DNA, too.

Genghis Khan Is Related To .05% Of The World’s Population. Just because Genghis Khan didn’t marry every woman given to him doesn’t mean he didn’t have plenty of sex. Genetic evidence indicates at least 8% of the men living in former Mongolian territory can trace their DNA back to Genghis. With so much Genghis Khan DNA out in the world, it’s estimated that 16,000 million males, or .05% of the male population of the planet, can link themselves back to the Mongol leader.

He Took Princesses And The Most Beautiful Women He Could Find As His Own.

The princess daughters of clans throughout the Mongolian empire became wives of Genghis Khan. Once he conquered an area, he would further inquire about the most beautiful women in the area. After he heard a description of a beautiful woman, he asserted, “I will find her.”

He even had his generals do this work for him. When one of his commanders, Nayaga, brought his boss the beautiful Khulun Khatun, she asked him why he didn’t take her as his own. He replied, “when I find beautiful women and virgins…I say to myself “these are the possessions of my Khan.” If I ever thought anything else then put me to death.”