Get off Schweser


Test still loading . . .

I’m at work and I have SchweserPro up on about 20 work computers. I’m doing a single question on one and then moving to the next computer. Don’t question my methods.

…so you’re the @sshole holding everything up.

hehe. Schweser CD Pro CDs are much better

The loading bar is so freaking close.

The loading bar is like the spoon in the Matrix. Eventually you will learn that there is no spoon.

CFAHouston Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > hehe. Schweser CD Pro CDs are much better The only thing against them is that I do tests at home and work. I like to review only the wrong answers so it made sense to use the internet. And how are you doing Miss Houston?

It was at least slowly progressing, pinkman must have opened up Qbank on 5 more computers.


Ok, a little early excitement on my part. It is still slow as *&$#*#.

I was trying to load Scheser 2 PM, and it only loaded up to question 97 and stopped…geez Pink, I just emailed you! Oh, and I got the shirt…I love all the stickies :slight_smile:

I say we fedex them all the stained shorts that Schweser has caused us with that site.

I am going to demand money back form Schweser, this is pathetic, I can not even load the main page anymore