Get rich quick ideas?

What is the best strategy for trying to hit it big in the markets (e.g., making 50 times your investment)? Anything that gives an actuarially fair shot? Anything better than blackjack?

I hear good things about split-strike option strategies.

What do you define as a “fair shot”? Anything investment that has 50x return potential probably has close to 1/50 chance of success.

By fair shot, I do mean 1/50 chance for 50x (assuming 49/50 chance of losing entire original investment). I feel like with buying low priced options, I get killed on the bid/ask spread so am getting less than a fair shot. I’m guessing that penny stocks have a negative alpha in general although I don’t know the research on that.

How about forex margin account? I think you can get like 20x leverage and the spreads are very small.

Buy a ton of gold in the spot market while concurrently going long on gold futures. Demand physical delivery at settlement.

best bet would be to push crack…you can usually double up your money then you re up…takes you about 3 years once you lock down your spot…if you need muscle, contact CFAvsMBA…

I get spammed newsletters everyday promising me 1000x returns on penny stocks. It can be all yours for three easy payments of $49.95.

It’s better to own a casino than invest in one.

Would shorting said penny stocks be a get rich quick? + 1 Bchad. I find it’s more advantageous to sell pans than it is panning for gold.

Admittedly, if you are a G&D investor, investing in a casino is supposed to be equivalent to owning it.

the diff being that those who work for you steal from you in casinos…i think casinos are a shady business…but i like seeing the hot classy babes at casinos…

Eh, even casinos need to spread their bets. Ever see a casino with one slot machine?

Buy calls on a randomly picked stock