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I just started reading the CFAI book, from Bahavior Finance section. I am making very slow progress and not able to put enough time. I am very slow reader and still debate whether eading the text is the best way for me…

Anyway, it will be nice to have a couple of ppl motivate each other and stick to a study plan, Ideally sharing a study plan and status. What do you think about forming a virtual study group?

i did at least 3000 on the boulevard

Behavioral was the most interesting topic. It’s downhill from there.

what i try to do is find the easiest and smallest of the topics and read through them. this may not be a very structured approach but this gives me satisfaction that i am atleast moving ahead and reading something.

i gave the Nov FRM level 1 exam, so few topics are very fresh in my mind. i am just trying to find the similar topics in Level III curriculum and read them.

in short i mean use any approach that helps you spend time with books, later a much structured approach can be taken.

Just wateched the free video from Arif on youtube. Now I can browse through the text and just focus about the samples in blue box. I am thinking about buying his videos because reading the text probably not going to work for me. They seem pretty closely stick to the cirriculumn, unlike Schweser notes. Anyone has the same thought?

Just my $.02 …

Spend less time “talking” about studying, and more time “actually” studying

I understand you want a game plan, but don’t over analyze it.

I imagine that 20 minutes of reading the CFAI text is more helpful to passing the exam than 1 hour debating a study plan.

And I don’t know why so many people are skeptical about reading the CFAI books to prepare for the exam. CFAI writes the exams and provides the textbooks to prepare. Do people think the CFAI is intentionally trying to confuse or throw off candidates with the textbooks? I seriously doubt such conspiracy.

But if you insist on spending extra $$ for the same info in a different format, then be my guest. Spread the wealth around and get the economy going.

Am I wrong on my perspective?

Going above and beyond now (Nov-Dec timeframe) will make life much easier come May.

In May/June, you want to avoid the thought: “crap, I wish I had a couple more weeks then I would feel ready”

The 2-3 weeks in my opinion really helps separate the winners from the losers


Totally. I posted this elswhere, but for emphasis -

P.S. for anyone who’s never worked in corporate, refer to this link and your onboarding will be close to complete.

Thanks for the affirmation.