Get Woke with Turd

I’ll have to figure out how to bring the library of knowledge I’ve dropped over the years into this central repository.

Without very much further ado, I present to you Get Woke with Turd, AF’s official hangout for woke bros to share ideas about all things woke. While the central theme will be chronicling and reporting on the process by which the collective human consciousness is, as we speak, ascending to a higher plane of existence, there are literally thousands of sub-plots going on in this epic human drama, and we’ll try to touch on as many as we can. Make no mistake, whether you realize it or not, we are witnessing the most profound changes ever experienced in the history of the world. The name of the game is freedom and the choice to use your freedom to express your sacred connection to all things.

Let’s begin with a nice little declaration of victory over tyranny, because the war is already won we just need to realize it.



My title was better, but thank you for creating a single thread. Now, let’s light this candle.

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Get Woke with Turd > CNN

thanks brother!

AWWWW YEAAHHH. Lets get this party started!!! Down with the Globalist Agenda!!!

ok, i know i’ve posted a lot of AJ entertainment, but you have to trust me this is the most unbelievably awesome rant you will ever witness. please just do yourself a favor and watch this starting around 13:00. It really ramps up around 14:00 but the buildup makes it so fucking great.

Yo Yayy – which Haymaker Collective did you attend? I think this is you in the nut huggers.


Did AJ used to be a televangelist?

i mean he basically is right now? he shills all those crappy products that dont work, people just buy that useless junk instead of thinking its helping god.

AJ is a national treasure, conspiritard turned Government shill. He wants trump to name media outlets as foreign enemies of the state? Lol could you imagine if Obama had breitbart/infowars/Fox News shut down so you could listen to him from the oval office? Everything Obama said was a lie but apparently you can just listen to Trump and its obviously the truth. Have zero clue what is going on in the brains of you conspiracy theorists now. Cognitive dissonance.

People with shock value don’t usually say things with much substance. People who say things of substance have no need for shock value.

explain LaVar Ball shock & all the substance in the world. BBB 4 life, he coulda taken down MJ in his prime dude

Hey now, don’t be down playing the effectiveness of Oxy Powder.


Folks,the gauntlet has been laid. If you feel like the world is increasingly looking like a place of dark vs. light, you’re right. This lays it out in its entirety from beginning to end (which is now). That dull nagging feeling of uneasiness you’ve had for as long as you can remember is there because you have not yet acknowledged the truth of the reality we live in. Here is the truth and the choice in front of you:

Read this post from beginning to end, then make your choice or it will be made for you.


8 Year olds dude… Vampirism… Secret child labor camps on Mars… CIA… wow

^ very first few words of that video:

“Unelected, global, corporate government that has a eugenics based anti-human operating system…”


RDS knows what’s up, although even he stays away from talking about some of the roots of all this. The fact that he’s dipping his toe deeper into the pedo stuff and everything behind it is a big signal. The white hats are disclosing slowly. More from RDS about 55 minutes in.


So apparently NASA felt it necessary to respond to Alex Jones accusation that they are running a child slave colony on Mars?


its funny and sad that its always the mentally weak and vulnerable that fall for this crap.