Getting behind in the study plan by CFAI.

I’m still working on finishing up Ethics, Quant, and Econ. According to the plan. I should be on book 2 on Financial accounting :frowning:

Heck you are ahead of me, I just received the books yesterday and I may start tonight. There is still a lot of time till the test.

Still waiting on my books…relax…plenty of time. It’s all about quality studying not quantity.

I signed up today.

Glad to see you join us, Turkish. 4 months is plenty of time. Especially for 2 timers like us.

Good point on the quantity. Hi Boston newbie here, just passed Level I in Dec. Don’t let the stress get you, don’t let the schedules worry you, and definately don’t let the CFA Exam become this impossibly difficult thing in your mind. Just keep a steady pace and MAKE SURE as you go through you are understanding each piece, picking up the exceptions to the rules, and creating a list of any tricks along the way. And…breathe… =)

Turk, Eleven - I haven’t even signed up yet, but reviewing last year’s Schweser. Finished FSA and moving onto Equity. I hope to sign up on the 15th when I get my measly bonus.

If the books don’t arrive by Friday, I may review last year’s Schweser this weekend as well. I can’t believe I signed up for this again…there’s no way I have the time this year. Told the employer I’ll be taking all of May off…they kind of shrugged. Seems like a solid idea to me.

I am now on my 10 minute break during the Schweser online weekly class. Fun, Fun Fun til your daddy takes your t-bird away. At least it gets me on a schedule and guilts me into preparing for each class. The material is coming back pretty quickly. A false sense of security? Good luck, all. Back to quant lecture. What a way to spend an evening.

I have looked at the material and I’m disgusted. I know all this crap. I don’t even know how I can start.

You second timers scare me. I get the feeling you were pretty prepared the first time you took LII.

You don’t understand, most of the books are 500-600 pages. I don’t think I can read fast enough and absorb it until the test.

I just got my material. I am thinking that it would be logical to go thought the stuff once and revise once b4 the exam. And of course, lots of Q&A. If I mange to do all that then at least I’ll be prepared for speed reading competitions. Watch out for me when the next Harry Potter book comes out. If ever any one of you are feeling discouraged and need encouragement just shout out my name really loud. Good luck guys and let the carnage begin

Ethics is 80% overlap from L1 and doesn’t look like it takes much time to learn and digest. Quant isn’t too bad for someone with statistics background. I just started on quants.

I just registered on Monday since I got my LVL 1 results last Wednesday, if it makes you feel better.