Getting CFA paid for

I’ll be starting a job at a bank this summer and I believe they pay for certain exams that help your career. Does anyone know how this stuff works? what exactly are the terms?

Do you mean that you are starting *a job at* a bank? There are no standard terms - it varies by employer. Some employers don’t pay for anything, some will pay for your exam fees, and some give you a bonus for passing CFA exams.

Obviously it will vary by employer. For mine: they pay for the exam/textbooks, but I have to reimburse them if I do not pass. Plus they pay for $500 of study materials, which I can spend on whatever materials I choose. Again, each employer will be different. Ask your boss what applies at your new position.

“a job at a bank” - doesn’t get much more vague than that! Are you going to be a teller in a grocery store branch or an equity analyst? I’m guessing one of those two positions pays for the CFA but I’m not going to tell you which one.