Getting destroyed on (micro) econ

13 weeks out, and I’m scoring in the low 70s on the Kaplan Schwesers. I know I can do better. What’s interesting as I’m looking over my statistics is that I’m always lowest on Economics, particularly micro econ. I’m getting decent scores in the 70 and 80s and then suddenly you see my micro econ down at the 30% range. In other words, I’m essentially blind guessing!

  1. Should I just punt it because it’s not a big portion of the exam?

  2. If you all think I should bite the bullet and actually learn the material inside out, how would you recommend I go about it efficiently?

If you’re already taking practice tests, you’re way ahead of the game, and your scores are probably good enough, so I wouldn’t worry too much. However, since you have the time, I found Khan Academy really useful for some of the economics concepts.

Yep, Khan academy helped me loads. Seems like you have time to go through them, and forget about exam questions while watching, just focus on understanding the concepts.

Also, I think the main advantage of mocks is not to tell you your score, but to find which individual concepts you didn’t get in the first read, or forgot. Go through incorrect quesionts one by one, re-read the material till you fully understand why you got the question wrong. Econ is not a matter of memorizing formula so we can’t rely on cramming on the last day

Maybe this will help:

the only reason I was destroyed on Econ was because it was boring as mud

I am in nearly the same spot; thanks for the video link.

I normally find economics to be an interesting topic, but I’ve found it to be painfully tedious while studying for L1.