Getting discouraged ;(

I am getting way toooo frustrated with my scores… my scores are not improving… I keep forgetting stuff that I read earlier and that is bringing my scores down… with 3-4 days left before the exam, I don’t know what I am supposed to do…

Read questions carefully and think about it question for a couple of sec, it usually helps me

just realize it is only a few more days, hammer out what you can, worst case scenario you are back for it in December…you can do it

finfan, remember you are nto alone. i’ve been stuck on 60’s to mid 60’s for a week now. i do not know what to do, i realize i could finish curriculum and start answering teh question that i usually skip. i usually skip econ sections and equity analysis and derivatives. with 3 more days to go i am hoping to finish equity analysis today, did first 3 chaps of derivateives already and econ i just do not know what to do… i am scoring decent on ethics, and quant, on 60s in FSA, FSA needs to improve too. Oh how i wish i had 2 more weeks. :((

oh! on econ, just do the questions in the text :wink: (they are easier than FSA) and the summary points and ofcourse go over the questions from the sample tests and the mock exams. atleast get u 50-65%