Getting into corporate finance

Hi all, i want to get into corporate finance as many do. I have sort of given up on this as I don’t think its very likely and I am realistic, but thought I might as well ask. I went to a good university in Australia, and did reasonably well. I finished about 2.5years ago. I obtained a bachelor in accounting and a bachelor in banking and finance. I am studying toward CFA and completed level 1 in december. I am now taking a break and will do CA, a chartered accountants unit. My work experience includes over a year work in copenhagen in an accountant role for an international tax and corporate services firm, boutique small firm. I currently now work at Goldman Sachs in australia in a pretty much back office role, although i do have cliuent contact, producing reports, calculating tax, performance, and other portfolio analysis for these reports and as required by clients and advisers. Been in the job for 6 months, will look to stay another 6months then try find something better, in copenhagen I suspect. Basically, I really want to break into corporate finance, I love this stuff, and I know my way around a balance sheet etc having the accounting background. Unfortunately I don’t have lots of experience and certainly no direct corporate finance type experience. Although it can be argued I did a little on a basic level in copenhagen. The only positives I see on my resume is CFA level 1, and having I guess worked for Goldman Sachs (the pay here is good aswell, even if I find the wrok a little boring). So any tips on how I can get into this area anyone? Anything I can do to improve my chances, or just give up now and submit to a life of back office work? Cheers

There’s heaps of jobs in Corporate Finance in Australia. but i guess that’s your problem…your leaving in 6 months? If you were to stay in Australia and you studied/completed a Grad Dip in Applied Finance and Investment at Finsia (specialising in Corporate Finance stream) then you would have no problem finding work.

really, I woulda thought CFA would be just as valuable???

The qualification they demand is the Grad Dip in Applied Finance (corporate Finance). Edit: To give you some further perspective, i was an a CF interview recently and they pretty much ignored the fact that i was studying the CFA, and they focused questions on my Applied Finance and Investment studies at Finsia.

Wow, Well I wont be able to do that qual in denmark, so no point starting now. But CFA is probably more worldwide, so more valuable for denmark for me anyway. Has anyone ever noticed the CF qualification which can be done through the Chartered Accountants in the UK, perhaps I could do that in denmark, might be seen as valuable