Getting involved - foundation


I’ve been having this issue around for some time so I thought of asking to see what you guys would do in my shoes.

So I’m trying to join this prestigious group of investors that do charity work where there is already a team formed.

They are open to have me show up to the events/come to the meeting, at the same time, since the team are formed, it seems like there is not any precise role for myself yet.

here is what happened at event 1:

1- Got involved

2- was told to come back, I’d meet with lots of people

3- now there is an event, I’d like to go, but not invited because not really officially part of that specific team (only 2 people).

4- what to do…

Thanks for the advice!

Keep hanging around, and wait for something to come up that you can help with. Offer your help (in a concrete way) if you see the opportunity.

One thing that many foundations like is publicity - at least if it’s the right type of publicity. That could get you noticed.

There is the possibility that they welcomed you for no other reason than to be polite. But there is still time to ingratiate yourself.

Also, it helps to be into it for the cause that the foundation supports, rather than to be buddy-buddy with the investors, who most likely are wondering just this question.

Yep those all are good points!

  • For publicity, can you think of precise examples? (they have mint website and twitter)

  • For politeness, I think you’re quite right. Although very integrative at first, it does not set ground for any role at the moment.

  • I also thought of adding another organization in case I cannot find a true way to contribute to that foundation. That way, I’ll still get my hands on a project now and while I learn as much as possible, I can also hang around some times to follow up with the other foundation.A few months later, hopefully, I’ll have expanded my network / have more experience / and hopefully more relevance in dealing with foundation type roles… after writting this I feel it may not be that of a good idea and kind of a big stretch before making sure that I’m screened out and need to find something else.