getting nervous!

so i’ve been through all of the readings, and i’m using a mix of CFAI and Stalla notes. there were a few parts (mostly equations) that i’m having issues remembering, but i decided just to pile through the questions from the stalla notes. after completing 1200 questions, i’ve only scored about a 65% on the review. keep in mind that i’m able to reference the formulas on this so i’m thinking discount another few % points off if i’m actually taking the exam=/ surprisingly i’m doing quite well on ethics and FRA/ECON, though other areas present me with problems. i’m going to take the official CFAI mock exam this weekend just so i can figure out which areas i need work on. what did scare me however, is i took a quick look at analyst notes dot com, and checked out a few reveiw problems- they questions seem a LOT harder than stalla problems. in addition some of the problems are in the format of question bla blah blah 1. yes 2. no 3. yes early, no, later a. 1 b. 2 c. all of the above. … i thought i read somewhere on CFAi site that they would NOT use problems in that format. more studying=/

I had a panic attack yesterday in the library.

starvinmarvin Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I had a panic attack yesterday in the library. ahahahahahhahahha! Omg! I am not the only one!

They wont use “All of the above” answers, but not sure about the “yes early, no later” - i would imagine the latter is fair game for a lot of FRA questions

ok. this is NOT good. just did a 120 stalla review exam- and only scored 58% total. ARGH. i’m deficient in pretty much all areas (though i did get 90% on ethics/econ)