Getting paranoid about possible traps

Hey guys, on my last mocks I scored some questions wrong when I got kind of paranoid about CFAI putting some traps in the questions… e.g. in the CFAI mock PM session there was a question about an impairment loss of a printing machine (equipment). I calculated the correct response but one of the answer choices was 0, so I thought maybe their reasoning is that this is not an impairment loss (Cause only intangible assets, not equipment, is impaired) and chose that answer which was obviously wrong… Similar things are happening over and over again. Any thoughts on how to deal with that paranoism?

There won’t be too many curveballs like that. For every question you get wrong you need to get 2 correct which will almost get you to a pass. Relax and back yourself!

Agreed. Don’t bother too much with the WTF type questions .there will be few of those on the exam. focus on reviewing what you know. good luck.

If the firm reclassifies a long lived asset from held for use to held for sale, the asset is no longer depreciated but tested for impairment LOS 37h

I have this problem too. They can be really tricky with the distractors and I can end up talking myself out of the correct answer. Sucks. Oh - I heard a test-taking tip the other day that might be helpful. When you get stuck on a question, or feeling anxious about the time remaining, or difficulty, or whatever - smile. Even a fake smile (which this will be) relaxes you and gives you a mental reset. You might feel a bit silly, but whatever works, right?