Getting rid of CFAI books

Any inventive ideas how you are going to do this? My wife and I are planning to chuck mine in the recycling together given she has put up with the program and me the last 4 years but any better suggestions appreciated…

I brought mine to work to torture my colleagues to give my colleagues the opportunity to take a look at the material and see if they are interested in the CFA program.

I think I will get my notes for level 3 bound. Thought they were pretty good. As for the CFA books, dont even have them for level 2 and 3 since CFA switched to digital copies

Donate to library or local college.

Burn them.

A nice hot beach fire will do them right

I am going to do exactly the same! :slight_smile:

:+1: :bulb:

checked with the local library, it did not accept my donation as the major audience of the library are seniors that are aged 60+… LMAO

Tossed them in the recycling bin after muttering some fun obscenities

Same here brother

I’m saving them so I can review them from time to time and keep the material fresh. Yeah right LOL

I’m keeping my L3 books. The rest will burn in a great bonfire.

I just got the 2020 curriculum. Remember when I went ahead and registered for 2020 before results were out? Well, the books shipped before they refunded me.

so, if you want a free set of books next year remember that’s all you have to do.

^ I’m pretty sure you’ll have to mail them back.

Ya, that’s what they WANT me to do… but selling them on eBay is what a boss would do

Ceremonial dumping of books took place last night! Will keep the Texas BA2+ calculators as a momento…they might even come in useful if excel ever falls over!

If you want to get creative, you can build a boat, put some flexseal and duct tape to make it waterproof, and then push it out on a lake after lighting it on fire. Give the curriculum a Norse funeral & never look back.

I’ll keep carrying my BAII+ in my breast pocket at work. That’s how you get them ladies.

Glad it wasn’t a tell afterall. You were just desperate that time. Lol :wink: