Getting started help

Dumb question. I signed up for the December L1 test. Got the books on Monday. First reaction - HOLY COW! That’s a lot of reading. Do most people strictly use the CFAI books or only use them when the Schweser or Stalla books are insufficient? I’m sure it varies. I’m leaning towards the Schweser Essential Solution and then also add the Secret Sauce. I’m not looking forward to spending another $600, but I’d rather spend it now and pass than fail and have to take it again. Sorry if this has been asked a million times already. Thanks.

it has but thats cool. I actually started for December of last year right around the time you’re starting now. I defitely recommend either schweser or Stalla - but primarily for the extra questions you get through them. With the amount of time you have, it would be a good idea to read the CFAI books. Unless you already have a real solid backround in this stuff, the extra reading pays off. For the record, I read every word of the CFAI books once and supplemented with Stalla. passed >70 in everything but FI which was 50-70.

I’m using the books and the schwewser essential solutions material - it seems to have a few good tips in the schweser notes so if you feel really confident on a topic i suppose you could just use them but reference the books if you’re unsure about something

Used only Schweser (but for Ethics), there was not even a single question on the Dec 08 exam that was not covered by Schweser (from what I recollect, its been couple of months).

I’m reading the texts and then the Schweser books in that order. Also, schweser is great for the amount of problems it makes available to you. I’d recommend picking up the essential solution (the cheapest one), as it’s an excellent addition to your study materials.

Many thanks for the help everyone. I’m going to go ahead and order the Schweser Essential Solution in the next week or two.

Atlast I find someone for L1 in December. I registered last week and got the books on Saturday. I suggest you to start with Econmics and Ethics from CFAI books and later move to Schweser and keep the CFAI as refernce.

Hey…I’m registered for Dec. 2009 too. I got my books, and half way through the first one. On Quant. Meth right now. It’s actually not that bad. (Not yet!!!) It’s just a matter of putting in time as much as possible. I also going to order the essential solution. I might order that in May or June after reading the entire text. But I keep wondering, is there a point in ordering the whole solution?? Wouldn’t the Qbank and Secret Sauce be sufficient?? I think all the other deallies would be good (like that quick reference sheet), but what’s the point?? And wouldn’t the Schwaser notes just give you more readings to do while we should be doing questions??? What do you guys think?? What are you going to do?? (And yes…you do save like a $100 bucks, but I’m not focusing on that really…because a pass is worth more than money right now)

AGL23 - you are ahead of me. When did you get started? I’ve only read a few pages so far, but it wasn’t really my plan to get started right now. I was going to order the solution so I could take the practice exams too. My only concern about taking the Dec exam is that by the time I get results I’ll have less time to study for L2 (assuming I pass) in June.