Getting started in the industry

Hello all, My experience is more on the operational/service side of the business and I’m looking to break into an analytical role. I am thinking about sitting for level I in June and don’t have any experience as an analyst. Is analytical experience necessary to pass this exam or will sufficient study prep suffice? Thanks.

Hey dscholtz Coming from an IT background with absolutely no experience in the Finance domain I am currently a Level 3 candidate. (Do not have any Finance related experience yet :slight_smile: ) Relax! Level 1 covers only basics which through understanding the basic concepts outlined in the required reading would suffice. I my opinion experience as an analyst may help but is not necessary at all to clear Level 1 or even Level 2 for that matter.

arakhanna, would you email me at i’m in the same position as you regarding the career in IT and would like to run some things you. Thanks.