Getting the Charter

Below is my understanding of the process. I just submitted my application for regular membership today. Does anyone know how long it takes to actually get the charter?

  1. Apply for Regular Membership

Here’s what you’ll need to apply for CFA Institute regular membership:

  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent education/work experience
  • A passing score for the CFA Level I Exam or the self-administered Standards of Practice Examination
  • 48 months of professional work experience in investment decision making
  • 3 professional references
  • Local CFA Society membership. (CFA Society membership is optional but strongly encouraged.) Join a CFA Society.
  1. Wait for notification by email when your application is approved.

  2. Activate Membership by (i) Signing Member Agreement, (ii) Filing your Professional Conduct Statement and (iii) Paying your annual dues.

how long does it take once you submit the application?

That looks about right. I think the society membership… that’s included in the regular membership application right? I just picked a local society, didn’t fill out a separate application or anything.

I saved all my work expand and have sent out email to referneces… however my application will be submitted only when references are submitted , until thn status woud be saved and not submitted.

also, I have heard the work experience description is quite difficult to get approved?