Vol 6, page # 351 Q # 27: Anybody attempted this Q? A. Tax claculations- which LOS has this? B. Pre-tax time weighted R? ???

I am skipping this and keeping it for the last week. I don’t remember doing a single exam problem with this stuff last year.

Btw, if you wanted to know where this is from, it starts on page 332 of the book. Happy reading !

Thanks sparty419, I do see that there is a whole section on it. I could not find any LOS relating to it though. Are we responsible for this?

To be honest, I am not sure whether we need to know this because like I said I didn’t find any related problems at all last year. But to be safe, I think its good to just cram it up for a few days, never know when CFAI might throw a curveball. Not sure about which LOS this is from though.